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  • Protected: A Wonderful (but busy) Day

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Spammers are getting lazy…

    I got this 419 scam today, and it seems like they could have put a little more effort into making it sound plausable.. ATTN I WANT TRANSFER $10M OF OUR CUSTOMER THAT DIED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT. -Matthew Eric C’mon, am I not worth the extra effort? Where’s the ousted general? The presidential widow? The well-wishes […]

  • Podcasts I like

    People asked what they can get me for my birthday, and I said ‘nothing’ since I really have everything I want. Then I realized, what I really enjoy is listening to my variety of podcasts -its escapism and multi-tasking at the same time (usually washing dishes or driving carpool). So here’s a list of podcasts […]