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What am I doing here?

“oh, you’re going to israel with the family for six weeks! What are you going to do there?”
“well, my wife has a two week study program, and my daughter is going to be at sleep away camp and my son at day camp.”
“That’s wonderful! And what are you going to be doing during those two weeks?”

Now that I’ve dropped off DovLev at camp, and JediYeled and RavIma have been delivered to their programs for the day, I have to figure out what to do with myself. It’s 10pm back home, so I’m not going to be doing any real-time emailing or Skype-ing with anyone, so maybe i’ll take care of a few work things but how long will that take, an hour?

I do have an errand to run that may take a while – we bought SIM cards for our iPads back in the states for us to get online anywhere in israel but they haven’t been working. So I’m off to visit a telephone co. service center and hope I can get that taken care of.

Then what? By 9 am I’ll be family-free and pickup isn’t until 3, so that gives me 6 hours to go play (and shower, naturally, falling back into my regular school-year routine). And this will be the same every day for the next week and a half. I’ve never been the wandering type, but maybe I’ll start. I have to figure out the grocery stores of course, and find the cafes with the good wifi (and friendly staff that will let me hang out). Then maybe check out some blogs of what to go see in Jerusalem.

One thing I know – I will NOT be driving.

I’ll keep you posted…

First post from israel

I’m going to try to start blogging regularly on this adventure. I’ve always wanted to blog but have never had anything worthwhile to write about.

I’m also going to try to not fall into the trap of getting everything down in the right order, which usually ends up with me writing a long post from the beginning, not being able to finish and then never posting it.

Here’s a view from our apartment. We’re having some shabbat time playing monopoly all together, and then it’s time for a walk and hopefully motzei shabbat dinner at ben Yehudah.