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  • JediYeled-ism

    on seeing a Koy Pond that was surprisingly empty: “Maybe they all went to see their families for Thanksgiving?”

  • An Interview with Daddy

    I’m cleaning my desk off, and in an attempt to digitize all my kids artwork and school projects, here’s what my son wrote (i’m sure with some prompting) at preschool for his father’s day project: How old is Daddy? 26 (even D thinks that 37 is Ooooold!) What do you like to do with your […]

  • Smart kid or TiVo generation?

    Out of the blue, my son volunteered this information yesterday: Do you know how I can fast forward my dreams? I just blink and open and close my eyes and I can fast forwards past the scary parts! Wow – that’s cool – i’ve had lots of nightmare’s i’d have loved to be able to […]

  • Conversation with my daughter at Trader Joe’s

    D: Aba, can we get Sushi (meaning california rolls with fake crab meat) for my lunch tomorrow? A: D, we’ve talked about this – you’re not going to have Sushi with fish in it at school because of the perception [that it is real crab meat]. The only sushi you can get is the veggie […]

  • Spammers are getting lazy…

    I got this 419 scam today, and it seems like they could have put a little more effort into making it sound plausable.. ATTN I WANT TRANSFER $10M OF OUR CUSTOMER THAT DIED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT. -Matthew Eric C’mon, am I not worth the extra effort? Where’s the ousted general? The presidential widow? The well-wishes […]

  • Podcasts I like

    People asked what they can get me for my birthday, and I said ‘nothing’ since I really have everything I want. Then I realized, what I really enjoy is listening to my variety of podcasts -its escapism and multi-tasking at the same time (usually washing dishes or driving carpool). So here’s a list of podcasts […]