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More Epistles from the Tooth Fairy

The Shirt off his back

November 10, 2010: Another week, another tooth.  After losing his bottom left tooth so soon after his top two teeth, his tooth fairy wrote:

I didn’t expect you to lose another tooth so quickly.  I didn’t have time to make you another power ring, so i’m just going to leave you my shirt.

Fast forward to tonight – a far cry from his first lost tooth, which entailed 2 days of pitiful cries any time we wanted to touch it, now he asked Ima to pull it out so he could give it to the tooth fairy and ask him for a set of Pants to go with his shirt.  So after services tonight, when it didn’t fall out despite attempts to coax it out with lots of bites on Challah and brownies, Ima pulled it accompanied by yells of excitement and anticipation of what was to come.

JediYeled then wrote the following

Dear Mr. Toothfairy

Guess What? Do you want to know what I just lost?


Can you please now leave your pants. I want a whole collection of your clothes.  But no worries, my tooth is worth $1,000 so you can buy more clothes.

Thank you, Love JediYeled

(So nice of him to care about Tooth Fairy finances)

And here is the Toothfairy’s response:

Dear JediYeled,

You’re really on a roll now! Keep wiggling those teeth!

I figured you’d want my pants too so I found where you left my old smelly shirt and left you a new fresh shirt with some clean pants.

Maybe next time i’ll leave some shoes?!?

Love, The tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Fashion

Smart kid or TiVo generation?

Out of the blue, my son volunteered this information yesterday:

Do you know how I can fast forward my dreams? I just blink and open and close my eyes and I can fast forwards past the scary parts!

Wow – that’s cool – i’ve had lots of nightmare’s i’d have loved to be able to fast-forward thru, but using my ‘betamax’ version of FF I would have missed the good dreams too – good thing he’s got TiVo on his Dreams

Conversation with my daughter at Trader Joe’s

D: Aba, can we get Sushi (meaning california rolls with fake crab meat) for my lunch tomorrow?

A: D, we’ve talked about this – you’re not going to have Sushi with fish in it at school because of the perception [that it is real crab meat]. The only sushi you can get is the veggie roll that doesn’t have any fish in it.

D: But Aba, I go to school with gefilte fish and that’s ok!

A: But the fish in this sushi looks like treif. Remember, its the perception.

D: [thinks for a moment] Ok, then what sushi doesn’t have any perception in it?

In the midst of laughing out loud in the store, I asked Dahvi if she knew what ‘perception’ meant and with a sheepish grin, she said ‘No….’.