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  • More Epistles from the Tooth Fairy

    November 10, 2010: Another week, another tooth.  After losing his bottom left tooth so soon after his top two teeth, his tooth fairy wrote: I didn’t expect you to lose another tooth so quickly.  I didn’t have time to make you another power ring, so i’m just going to leave you my shirt. Fast forward […]

  • Smart kid or TiVo generation?

    Out of the blue, my son volunteered this information yesterday: Do you know how I can fast forward my dreams? I just blink and open and close my eyes and I can fast forwards past the scary parts! Wow – that’s cool – i’ve had lots of nightmare’s i’d have loved to be able to […]

  • Conversation with my daughter at Trader Joe’s

    D: Aba, can we get Sushi (meaning california rolls with fake crab meat) for my lunch tomorrow? A: D, we’ve talked about this – you’re not going to have Sushi with fish in it at school because of the perception [that it is real crab meat]. The only sushi you can get is the veggie […]