Standing Desk, Day 0.5

People ask us how we decided it was time for our daughter to move from a crib to a bed.  Our answer is: “When IKEA had their annual bed sale”.  Typical first-time parental fashion, we dove in and bought a bed, came back and took apart DovLev’s crib and took out my +5 allen wrench and got started.  About half way through, when night had fallen we looked at the taken-apart crib, and then at each other sand said “What if she isn’t ready for a bed yet?”  Our answer was “Oh well.”.  Luckily, she did fine and we didn’t have any long-term repercussions.

I regale you with this memory because I’ve been thinking about going to a standing desk for a while.  Well, actually a treadmill desk, but after speaking to a client I realized that maybe a part-way step to just a standing desk would be a good idea.   So this afternoon I raised my IKEA desk (yes, we like IKEA) as high as it could go, put a monitor riser on top and now i’m pretty close to all set.  I’m using a couple reams of paper to make my keyboard level, and the level of my monitors (yes, I have two – don’t judge me) is lower than its ‘supposed’ to be, but I’m standing, and working at my desk, which would make my current status “Working at a standing desk”. Achievement unlocked!

I’ve been doing some simple things like typing emails and accounting and such, and my feet sometimes are getting numb on the sides, and my hands feel too high, but I’ll figure that out later.  I’m diving in!







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