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  • Seder 2016

    Adapted from “A Not-So-Serious Passover Play for the Classroom or the Dining Room” by S. Mitchell CHARACTERS: NARRATOR:, G_D, Moses NARRATOR:: In Egypt we Hebrews had a difficult life. All day we worked under the whips of the taskmasters, making bricks and stacking them into giant pyramids, using nothing but our bare hands and a […]

  • Standing Desk, Day 0.5

    People ask us how we decided it was time for our daughter to move from a crib to a bed.  Our answer is: “When IKEA had their annual bed sale”.  Typical first-time parental fashion, we dove in and bought a bed, came back and took apart DovLev’s crib and took out my +5 allen wrench […]

  • Just one of the perils of driving in Jerusalem

    Dorothy, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore… Kansas would have cows – that is definitely a donkey.

  • Driving the Israeli countryside

    Today I took DovLev to her 2 week sleep away camp here in Israel. Google map has it at 1.25 hours away from Jerusalem, and we did a test drive a few days ago so I could see how it was getting out of the city and getting out to the intercity highways. All was […]

  • Protected: A Wonderful (but busy) Day

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • More Epistles from the Tooth Fairy

    November 10, 2010: Another week, another tooth.  After losing his bottom left tooth so soon after his top two teeth, his tooth fairy wrote: I didn’t expect you to lose another tooth so quickly.  I didn’t have time to make you another power ring, so i’m just going to leave you my shirt. Fast forward […]

  • Letters to & from the Tooth Fairy

    JediYeled lost his second tooth in three days – both top front teeth so he’s got that classic ‘hole in the front’ look.  They were both really loose but he wouldn’t let Ima or Aba touch them.  He knocked the first one out while playing with a foam pop-up toy (much to his surprise).  The […]

  • An Interview with Daddy

    I’m cleaning my desk off, and in an attempt to digitize all my kids artwork and school projects, here’s what my son wrote (i’m sure with some prompting) at preschool for his father’s day project: How old is Daddy? 26 (even D thinks that 37 is Ooooold!) What do you like to do with your […]

  • Smart kid or TiVo generation?

    Out of the blue, my son volunteered this information yesterday: Do you know how I can fast forward my dreams? I just blink and open and close my eyes and I can fast forwards past the scary parts! Wow – that’s cool – i’ve had lots of nightmare’s i’d have loved to be able to […]

  • Conversation with my daughter at Trader Joe’s

    D: Aba, can we get Sushi (meaning california rolls with fake crab meat) for my lunch tomorrow? A: D, we’ve talked about this – you’re not going to have Sushi with fish in it at school because of the perception [that it is real crab meat]. The only sushi you can get is the veggie […]